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An adorable story that is simple and full of love. . . . The illustrations and text work wonderfully together. . . This is a timely and relatable tale about love, daily life, and family. . . . An adorable story that encourages students to share what they do during the day and how much they love their family--­especially their mom.
--School Library Journal (starred review)


Soft, energetic digital illustrations portray a day in the life of a loving mother as she spends time with her young children. The mother's love and care for her children is clear, and the little ones' appreciation shines through the joyfully rhythmic narration. . . . A beautiful display of how mothers show up for their children in myriad ways.
--Kirkus Reviews


"We just love our Mommy time," two siblings exclaim in this rhythmically rendered account of the daylong caregiving they receive from their seemingly tireless mother. . . . Employing pastel hues and shapely forms, Glenn's digital art depicts the Black-presenting family's day as full of "tender, precious/ moments time" that Mommy is pictured as relishing with an (almost) unwavering smile.
--Publishers Weekly


The rhythmic text and expressive illustrations offer a kid's-eye view of the care and structure mothers bring to their children's lives. Plan a read-aloud for Mother's Day on May 14 - and whenever you want to applaud a mother's love and hard work.
--Washington Parent
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